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Siena #1 Original Painting 18x24

Siena #1 Original Painting 18x24

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Inspired by a photo I took in 2011 (available as photographic print), I had been slow to recreate it on canvas  as I had doubts if I could create as compelling and image as the original photo. Further, whether I could generate the same feeling as when I stood on that narrow street, conveying the contrast between dark and light, as well as the scale.

I'm glad I cast aside my doubts as I'm really happy with how this piece turned out. Leaving just enough detail to suggest scale and character, this is faithful to the vibe of the city. Over the course of the day as lighting changes, the contrast of light and dark really punches through - even in a darkened room. The sides are painted and could be hung as is or framed.

This piece is 18"x24" (45x60cm), 1.5" deep, acrylic on canvas. Signed lower right. Not ready to hang. Painting will be packed by artist and shipped free to customer.

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