Steve Traversi

My name is Steve Traversi and I was that kid that kept having to wash desks after school because everything was my canvas.  I began sketching in my early teens and started working in graphic design for high tech firms in my twenties. 

Working in high tech, I found I had a talent for IT and would go on to hold executive positions for a number of companies. Along the way I would develop a love of painting and photography, passions that helped to keep me quasi-sane while climbing the corporate ladder.

My commercial design work has been featured in trade publications, periodicals, published works, and digital platforms for clients all over the world. My paintings have been sold through curated marketplaces, and placed in artist competitions.

A layoff from an especially stressful corporate gig was the impetus to pursue my creative passions full-time through my own company - Traversi Media, Inc. - and the opening of this store. It gives me the opportunity to sell my paintings and photos direct, and offer prints and products inspired by my work.

To see my full portfolio, my main art site is at: https://www.smtart.com