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"Bountiful" Original Painting 16x40

"Bountiful" Original Painting 16x40

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I've been branching out as of late, experimenting with styles and mediums, so when I returned to paint in my default style, my approach unsurprisingly had shifted. Whereas abstract expressionism is typically a free form exercise for me, this began with a clear idea and rough sketch. I chose six colors and painted mostly with a single brush going from color to color so that the resulting palette grew exponentially. While I had a vision, I let the painting evolve naturally, adding color and detail in the moment resulting in the final piece which has an organic, earth and nature vibe that surpassed my own expectations.

The piece is 16"x40" (40x102cm), 1.5" (4cm) deep, acrylic on canvas, sides painted. Signed lower right. Not ready to hang. Painting will be packed by artist and shipped free to customer.

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